sublime_music.ui.common.rating_button module

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class sublime_music.ui.common.rating_button.RatingButton(*args, **kwargs)[source]

Bases: sublime_music.ui.common.icon_button.IconButton

__init__(*args, **kwargs)[source]
class sublime_music.ui.common.rating_button.RatingButtonBox(icon_rated='star-full', icon_unrated='star-empty', **kwargs)[source]

Bases: gi.overrides.Gtk.Box

A simple GtkBox containing buttons that allow rating something. It doesn’t know what it’s rating just what the rating is when it changed

  • icon_rated (str) –

  • icon_unrated (str) –

__init__(icon_rated='star-full', icon_unrated='star-empty', **kwargs)[source]

Initializer for a GObject based classes with support for property sets through the use of explicit keyword arguments.

  • icon_rated (str) –

  • icon_unrated (str) –

property rating: int | None

rating (int | None) –